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Palmtop Swiss Army Knife

Palmtop Swiss Army Knife

The Palmtop really is more like a Swiss Army knife than anything else. You can depend on it to help you out of a hairy situation. Richard R. Liu CompuServe ID: [100103,1771] don't waste money advertising I don't know if LXs really appeal to the masses. Current users are a pretty techno-orientated bunch, who like fiddling with bits, bobs, and bytes. We measure battery life, write programs, want to know what the latest driver from ACE actually does, and log on to CIS to discuss it all!

Many people think of computers as things with Windows and mice. They don't want DOS, perhaps wouldn't even know what to do at C:\>. I think the market for the HP Palmtop is small and those who want this sort of thing go out and find out about it. Why waste money advertising? Jeremy Prydal CompuServe ID: [100325,1315]

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