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NoteTaker refines the process

NoteTaker refines the process

As handy as this method was, the year one and two documents became very large. Moving around in them using page up and down, or finding my place with F4 searches seemed to take forever. For the third year of the course I switched over to NoteTaker and entered each question as an individual note.

ToDo Database List View Without Card View: Graphic

 In the Title field I entered the year, unit, and question number (i.e. 3/04/1 for year three, unit 4, question 1; 3/14/III 1 for year three, unit 14, III 1 of subsection III question 1).

In the Category field I entered the status of the question. I entered COMPLETED if the question was done; I left it empty if I hadn't worked on it yet; PARTIAL if I had partially answered it; and ANS if I had looked the question over and knew I could answer it without any further reading or research. Entries with ********** in the Category field indicate general notes, reading lists, etc. The main NoteTaker screen for year three looked as shown at the top of this page.

When I wanted to work on a question, I would highlight it in the All Notes screen and press (F3) to display the Full Screen Note.

 The Note field contained the question, the reading reference, notes and ideas on the answer, and finally the answer. You can store up to 32K of information in the Note field, plenty of space for a detailed answer.

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