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Subset feature displays finished or completed questions

Subset feature displays finished or completed questions

As I mentioned above, when I finished a question I would mark the Category field as COMPLETED, PARTIAL, ANS, or leave it blank. I used NoteTakers Subset feature to see how many questions I had finished, or to display questions I needed to work on. For example, to create a subset that would only display questions with the COMPLETED status marked in the category field, I followed these steps:
  1. 1. From NoteTakers All Notes screen I pressed (F6) (Subset) (F2) (Define) to get the Define Subset Screen pictured below:



Define Subset Dialog Box: Graphic
  1. 2. I tabbed to the Category field, pressed the down-arrow and highlighted COMPLETED and pressed (ENTER).
  2. 3. I pressed (F10) (OK), gave the subset the name Finished and pressed (F10) again.
  3. 4. When I highlight Finished and press (ENTER) or (F10) and the main screen only displays questions marked completed.



To create the Subset that displays unfinished questions, I would follow the above steps, substituting -COMPLETED (minus sign in front of COMPLETED) in step 2 above, and give the Subset the name Unfinished in step 3.

To get a quick idea of how I was doing on a particular year, I'd note down the number of questions for that particular year, displayed in the All Notes field (37 for year three, displayed in brackets at the top of the screen to the left of the words All Notes). I'd then press (F6) (Subset), select Unfinished to display the unfinished questions (9, again displayed at the top of the screen). I'd pop over to HP Calc and divide 9 by 37 to get .24, indicating that 24% of the questions remained unanswered, 76% were completed.

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