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The system works well on a desktop with the HP Connectivity Pack

The system works well on a desktop with the HP Connectivity Pack

The big advantage of using the HP Palmtop was that it was there with me all the time, allowing me to catch previously wasted moments of spare time. It's amazing to discover how many wasted 5-minute periods there are in one day. But spare moments were not enough for this project. I had to schedule larger blocks of time for writing, reading and research.

I used my desktop PC for these scheduled periods of time. Fortunately I have a PCMCIA card reader and the HP Connectivity Pack on my desktop system. I stored my home-study related NoteTaker files on my Palmtop's A drive Flashcard. When I wanted to work on my desktop, I'd turn off my Palmtop, pull the card out and insert it into the drive on my desktop PC. I would start the Connectivity Pack software running on my desktop, start the desktop version of NoteTaker, press (ALT) File Open and load the NoteTaker file from the Flashcard in my card drive.

With NoteTaker up and running on my desktop, I was able capitalize on the desktop's full-sized keyboard and larger, easier-to-read screen to improve my productivity. In addition, the Connectivity Pack versions of the built-in software run much faster on my 50MHz 486 desktop.

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