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Other uses for this approach

Other uses for this approach

This system could be applied to any home study or correspondence course successfully. Keeping the course and questions with you all the time helps you capture answers and inspirations when they come.

You could also write a novel or non-fiction book with this approach. Each chapter is an individual NoteTaker item. Category field for status of the chapter. Note field for outline of the chapter, notes on references needed for the chapter, outline and rough drafts of the chapter. Remember, the Note field can hold 32K bytes of text (about 10 type-written pages). You may have to use more than one entry for large chapters.

This general approach could also be used for project management. Divide any project into discreet, clearly-defined steps and enter each step into NoteTaker. Number the steps 1, 2, 3, etc. so they appear in the right order in the All Items view. Use the categories for the status of each step (COMPLETED, IN PROGRESS, TO ASSIGN). You might also put the initials of the people responsible for that step or targeted completion date in the Category field. Use the Note field for a description of the individual step, resources needed to complete it, people involved in it, and a final report on the completion of that step.

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