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100/200LX--Customizing Icons on the HP 100/200LX

100/200LX--Customizing Icons on the HP 100/200LX

When you install a new program in the Application Manager, you can give it your own icon. There is an icon editing program on the HP 200LX ROM disk called D:\BIN\ICN200LX.EXE (also available for the HP 100LX as ICON.ZIP <ONDISK>). Later on you might want to add the icon program to the AppManager, but for now, just point to it in Filer and press (ENTER) to run it. You'll get a screen that looks like this:

ICN200 Main Screen: Graphic

 The menu of options are displayed on the right of the screen at all times. The left hand box is where you create your icon. The smaller box between the two will give you an idea of what the icon will really look like.

The program works by drawing rectangles of different sizes and shapes in different locations on the screen to create an image. So, for example, you could create an icon displaying a crude face by creating a large black rectangle in the center of the screen, with small white rectangles for eyes and a nose, and a long thin rectangle for a mouth. The possibilities are endless.

 The ICN200LX commands are as follows:

Q= Quit the program.

L= Load an existing .ICN icon file into the program.

S= Save an .ICN file you just created or modified.

R= Display a blank icon screen.

F= Full rectangle: Start drawing a dark rectangle.

E= Erase a rectangle.

C= Copy an existing rectangle.

P= Paste the last rectangle you copied.

I= Invert: Start drawing a white rectangle.

There is a small cursor in the large left-hand box. Use your arrow keys to move it to where you want to start drawing your rectangle. Press F (Full Rectangle) and then use the arrow keys to create a rectangle the desired size and shape. Then press (ENTER) and the rectangle appears.

Repeat the process of creating, erasing, and moving rectangles until the screen is the way you want it. Then press S to save the icon and give the icon file you are about to create an 8-letter name (the program will automatically add the file extension .ICN). Save the icon with the same filename as the .EXE or .COM you are installing, but with an extension of ICN.

For example, if you want an icon for a program called Q.EXE residing in the A:\BIN directory, call your icon A:\BIN\Q.ICN. When you add the application in AppManager, your nifty little icon should appear in the list of icons to choose from! Save an icon with the same path and name as the application you are adding to AppManager, but with an .ICN extension.

You can change icons in Databases, Phonebooks, and NoteTaker files, too. The antique phone, quill and inkwell, and roll-top desk that appear in the 200LX DataCard can be replaced with a customized icon of your own design.

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