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100/200LX--View additional lines in PhoneBook's Note field

Since I put quite a bit of information in PhoneBook's Note field, I found it inconvenient to see only the top two lines of a Note in the full record Phone Item screen. I can of course press (F3) to display a full screen view of the Note field.

 Alternatively, I load my Phone-Book file into the built-in Database application and increased the Note field display in the Phone Item screen by another 2 to 3 lines by removing the empty space between all the fields. Because there is no change to the order of the fields, 3rd party translation software will still work.

 Here's how to remove the blank spaces:

  1. 1. First backup your PHONE .PDB file!
  2. 2. Open the Palmtops Database application (press (CTRL)-(PHONE) or (&...) Data Base).
  3. 3. Press (MENU) File Open to access Databases Open File dialog box. By default, only .GDB Database files will be listed. The Phone-Book file has a .PDB extension. Type *.PDB in the File to Open box and press (ENTER) to display any Phone- Book files in the current directory. If your PhoneBook file is still not listed, Tab to the Directories listing and make sure you're in the directory where your Phone-Book file is located. Highlight your Phone-Book file and press (ENTER) to load your PhoneBook file into the Database application.
  4. 4. Press (MENU) File Modify Database.
  5. 5. Press (TAB) to go to the Business phone field.
  6. 6. Press (SHIFT)-(UP-ARROW) to move the field up in small increments until it is touching the field above. If nothing happens, press (F3) and then try (SHIFT) (UP-ARROW) again.
  7. 7. Do this with each field until all the fields are touching. (If you move it up so that the lines of the two fields are touching they will show up as thick solid lines between each field, and you'll be able to see four lines in the Note field. If you move the fields so that the lines overlap they will show up as a thin line between each field in the normal display and you will be able to see five lines displayed instead of four. You may like one display more than another, so experiment with each.)
  8. 8. Press (F3) (DOWN-ARROW) to expand the vertical size of the Note field.



Modified Phonebook: Graphic
  1. 9. Finally, press (F10) to save the changes and (MENU) Quit to leave the application.



It may look a bit cramped in the beginning but after you get used to it you'll enjoy being able to view four or five lines in the Note area. Wee-Meng Lee Internet ID: leewm@hpsgmx18.sgp.hp.com

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