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100/200LX--Sort for More than One Country

You can set up a subset in World Time to list the cities of more than one country. This could, for example, be useful if you want to list all the cities in four South American countries you'll be visiting on a business trip. You could enter a category type in each city's Category field, then use the Subset feature to sort by that Category. But entering different categories in the Category field takes time. Here's another way to set up a multi-country subset:

  1. 1. From the All Cities screen in World Time, press (F6) (Subset), (F2) (Define), tab to the Country field, and enter each country name followed by a comma and a space as shown in the following format:
Country, Country, Country

Press (F10) (OK), enter a name for the subset, and press (ENTER). Highlight the subset and press (ENTER) to view the subset cities. You can enter 31 characters in the country field counting commas and spaces. I got five countries in one subset using these five countries with very short names Chile, Iran, Ghana, Guam, and Iraq.

You can also use the built-in Subset Selection Language (SSL) to define your subset. The advantage of SSL in this example is that you can enter more than 31 characters of countries.

SSL is a simple programming language that lets you define more complicated subsets. After you press (F6) (Subset), (F2) (Define), press (F2) again to go to the General Subset Entry box. In the area titled SSL Statement you enter your SSL subset definition. The syntax for the subset criteria used in the above example would be as follows:


You can expand the search criteria to additional countries by adding them to the end of the list. For example, to add Brazil to the list, key in the following immediately before the close parenthesis at the end of the above text string:


For more on using the Subset Selection Language, see SSL in the Index of your HP 100/200LX User Guide.

--Paul Merrill, Rich Hall, Editors, HP Palmtop Paper

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