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Action Is Based on Rest

Everyone needs to get a rest from their activities, to withdraw so that they can come back to what they were doing, refreshed and more effective. An integral part of many Eastern cultures is contemplation and other practices that refine ones appreciation for beauty. Perhaps its not surprising that Japan is the origin of a program where you can relax by watching trees grow on your Palmtop.

 If you've ever enjoyed watching the movement of fish in aquarium, or waves at the beach, you will probably appreciate TREE.EXM .

Tree.EXM: Graphic


TREE.EXM is a System Manager compliant program in order to run it you have to install it on Application Manager and assign a hotkey to it to start it. It will then be switchable.

To install the program in Application Manager press (&...) (App Manager) (MENU) Application Add. Fill in the Name and Path fields. Press (F10) (OK), and assign it to a hot key.

Activate the program by pressing the hotkey combination you have chosen, then (F5) (Draw), and trees begin to manifest one by one, branch by branch. When the program pauses, press (F5) again to add more trees or (F6) to start over.

For those of us who can't resist fiddling, there are a number of options. Press (F3)(Params) or (F4)(Advance) to control the speed at which trees are drawn, the number of trees drawn, the dimensions of the trees, and so forth. I have the program set on auto-start and auto-repeat so trees start forming as soon as the program starts. After the program is finished with a screen, it pauses for five seconds, erases the existing screen, and starts afresh.

Another TREE.EXM option is Boulevard, which is shown in the following screen.

Trees Lining Boulevard: Graphic

 To start Boulevard, press (F3) (Params) and select Boulevard. The trees appear along an imaginary boulevard that you are in the middle of.

 And you can mix and match you can start a screen off in Tree, switch to Boulevard, and vary the contrast on each successive group of tress. If you like one of the resulting screens you create, you can save it as a PCX file (from the screen you like, press (F10) (Save), type FILENAME.PCX) which you can use as an opening screen topcard or display and edit in another graphics program that reads PCX files.

Thanks to Shozo Ito for providing the English translation.

Hal Goldstein

Publisher, The HP Palmtop Paper

iPhone Life magazine

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