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Please More Articles from Palmtop Users in "Other' Countries

Please More Articles from Palmtop Users in "Other' Countries

Even though Hewlett-Packard doesn't hold a big market share in Argentina, the number of HP Palmtop users here is increasing. The need to be up-to-date with Palmtop news is mandatory. The HP Palmtop Paper fills an evident gap between Hewlett-Packard and their Palmtop users, especially here in Argentina where we don't have a single users group.

As a subscriber, I would like to point out what I consider are some Palmtop Paper drawbacks.

  • I haven't seen any articles related to my profession, land surveying. Since we surveyors are among the most eager consumers of HP handheld products, I and my colleagues would be very glad to see someone on your staff write something about our business.
  • Another weak point is the fact I have seen very few articles from outside of the USA. I am not just talking about the foreign countries that American readers know the most, i.e., France, Italy, Germany, Korea, etc. Down here, far south of the border, some really interesting things are going on.
As an example, in Argentina right now, in the state I live in, we are working on a project that will entail re-surveying approximately eight million urban lots alone. There are many opportunities for HP Palmtop users to effectively use their Palmtops in such tasks.

I think addressing some of these topics will broaden the scope of the magazine and increase its reader base.

Greatfully, Hugo Mendez, PLS La Plata, ARGENTINA

[The majority of our articles are submitted by our readers. That's what gives the Palmtop Paper its unique perspective and variety. If you haven't seen any articles relating to land surveying, its only because no one has sent us one. We would welcome a proposal (possibly a User Profile) on this interesting subject. If you would like to volunteer for such a task, please let us know, and we will provide you with a brief Writers Guidelines to help you formulate it into a usable article for The HP Palmtop Paper. (See page 48 for information on how to contact us.)

Probably the main reason there are fewer articles from outside the U.S.A. is because of the demographics of our subscriber base the majority (65%) are from the United States. We welcome article submissions or proposals from outside the U.S.A. Since The HP Palmtop Paper is published in English, and since we are not set up to translate from other languages, articles must be submitted in English. Writers for whom English is a second language should have a good command of English and its idioms.

If you would like to send us a letter, tip, bit of Palmtop Wisdom, or some other smaller piece, please do. For those, a Writers Guidelines is not necessary --Paul.]

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