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Alternatives to pcANYWHERE

Alternatives to pcANYWHERE


I cannot run pcANYWHERE on the HP 100LX because: (a) it requires about 630K disk space; and (b) because I use a Megahertz XJACK 14.4 PCMCIA modem. Since I have to remove the SunDisk flashcard to use the modem, I have no room on drive C to run pcANYWHERE. Instead, I use a freeware program found on CompuServe in Ziffnet (TIPS/PC Magazine Utilities) called PCREMOT2 by Terry Lahman and Kevin Sims. It lets a remote PC control the keyboard and monitor the screen of a host PC through modems or a null-modem cable. Its not flashy, only CGA or MDA text, and does not support graphics. But it fits easily on the C drive since it requires only 37K of disk space (only 12K if you get rid of the SETUP.EXE program after finishing your initial setup, or moving it to the A drive). It even supports two-way file transfer with a special version of ZCOPY.COM, included in PCREM2.ZIP. I use it on my HP 100LX when I am traveling, to retrieve my E-Mail from a Microsoft Mail post-office.

David G. Vickers

[Editors Note: We installed PCREMOT2 on a SunDisk flashcard and used the HP connectivity cable to connect to a desktop PC. At the 19,200 baud rate, the 100LX screen could not keep up about half way through writing, the characters would start appearing in random location on the screen. This made it a little difficult to read. Switching to the default, 1,200 baud, the screen worked normally.

Text only programs or DOS commands were easy to run. However, DOS programs that use graphics or pull down menus may give you some problems. For instance, the DOS EDIT program would load and you could enter text, but it would lock up after pressing (ALT)-File Save As to save a file. The ZCOPY file transfer program mentioned above was easy to use. Just press (ALT)-Transfer, select Upload or Download and give the full path of the file and its destination. This looks like a very handy way to transfer files to and from your office computer.

In general, PCREMOT2 seems to work better if you are not running Windows on the desktop or System Manager on the Palmtop. You will have to experiment to find what combinations of software and hardware will work with PCREMOT2 on your system. We did not do extensive testing.]

Reachout Remote

If you haven't tried it, get a copy of Reachout Remote (RR) from Stack Electronics (619-794-4777). .It works bushels better than pcANYWHERE with the OmniBook 300, and preliminary trials with the 100LX look good.

I have not used RR extensively with the 100LX yet, but so far have found only one quirk. If I access WordPerfect 5.1 or Office 3.0 (for E-mail) on my desktop (an HP Vectra QS/16S), everything works right except that it seems to be necessary to hold down the shift key in order to get the cursor control keys to work properly. That aside, this thing is a whiz.

I use it both for remote access by phone and for file manipulation in the office. RR has a great file manager, and its far easier to use, in my opinion, than LapLink Remote, one of the 200LXs built-in applications.

J.D. Fleming, Jr.

CompuServe ID: [76376,2022]


Our office computers are connected with Novell Netware, and we use a single dedicated computer running CloseUp ver. 6 and connected to a modem to provide remote access. Once connected, the remote caller can check his E-mail as well as work with files and programs on the file servers or the dedicated CloseUp computer.

When I first got my 200LX I never dreamed that I could use it as a remote user to our office network. However, it turned out to be quite simple. I placed CloseUp on the C drive (I need to remove the A drive in order to use the modem) and ran it just like I normally would. I only needed two files on the Palmtop: CREMOTE.EXE (272K) and CLOSE_UP.MNU (658 Bytes). I told the Palmtop that the computer had a black-and-white monitor, to use the COM2 port at 19,200 baud, and I was connected. (Excerpt from User Profile by Chris Lott, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1995, page 30 of The HP Palmtop Paper.)

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