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What's in the Revised HP Palmtop Developer's Guide

What's in the Revised HP Palmtop Developer's Guide

Here is a partial table of contents for the new Developers Guide. Topics that are new to this version of the Guide are flagged with the word [NEW].

BIOS Overview, including the BIOS data area

BIOS Interrupts

Int 02..08

Int 09 Keyboard Translate

Int 0A Hornet Hardware Interrupts

Int 10 Video Services

Int 11..14 (Equipment..Serial Port)

Int 15 System Services

Int 16..1F (Keyboard,Printer,Time,Graphics)

Int 4A Alarm Interrupt

Int 63 Execute In-Place Services

Battery Considerations, Power Management

System Manager Overview

Structure of EXM Files

Task Management + Task Control Blocks [NEW]

Intertask Communication [NEW]

Memory Management [NEW]'

DOS, TSRs, and SysMgr [NEW]

Developing an Application [NEW]

Application Control [NEW]

System Manager Services

API Management

Clipboard Management

Collating Sequence

Communication Services

Date and Time Services

Event Management [NEW]

File I/O

Help Services

Memory Management

Miscellaneous Services

Printer Services

Process Management

Resource Services

Sound Services

LHAPI (Lotus Handheld API)

Overview [NEW]

LHAPI Structures [Revised]

Messages [Revised]

Call Descriptions [Revised]

LHAPI Base Classes

Built-in Classes

Object, Dialog Control, ListBox,

Special Purpose (Time/Date Edit,Path, DirList,

Progress Meter, TitleBar) [Some NEW]

Menu Classes

High Level Classes

Dialog Box, Multiedit, Messages, and

File Open Dialog Box.

Database Formats [NEW]

Structures Used in the Database

Database Records

Sample Database

Appointment Book Overview

Database Programming (Functions)

Miscellaneous (Sorting, OmniBook Files, User Defined Records)



Startup File Processing, Internal, External

Commands, Disk Device Drivers, Power Mgt.


Hardware Overview, Power Guidelines,

Software Architecture, Wakeup, Example

Hardware Overview

Block Diagram

I/O Address Summary

Hardware Components, CPU Bus Interface,

Memory Controller

Display Controller

BitBlt Co-Processor

Keyboard Controller

General Purpose I/O

Serial Communication

Interrupt Control


Oscillators, Clock, A to D Converter

Working With the IC

Power Management

Hardware Considerations


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