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One entry for low-use .EXM programs keeps AppManager uncluttered 100/200LX

EXM programs are System compliant programs that can be set up in the Applications Manager program to run on your HP 100/200LX. EXM programs are like the built-in programs in that you can pop them up on top of other programs, cut and paste information between them and other .EXM programs, and more. It turns out that quite a few .EXM programs have been written for the HP Palmtops. Since you can only set up 8 additional EXM programs in AppManager, you can't indiscriminately load them on your Palmtop.

If you have a number of EXMs that you'd like to be able to run occasionally, but don't want to leave to set up in AppManager, you might try this solution. Set up one entry in AppManager to execute an .EXM program called TEMP .EXM. For this example, assume that TEMP.EXM is on the root directory of your C drive.

Follow these steps to set up TEMP.EXM:

  1. 1. Go to AppManager and press (F2) and you are presented with the Add an Application dialog box.
  2. 2. Type TempExm into the Name field.
  3. 3. Type C:\TEMP.EXM into the Path field.
  4. 4. Press (F4) and you're prompted to select a hot-key combination to activate this EXM program. Press the hot key combination you desire. 5. Press (F10) to complete the process.
Follow these steps to run low-use EXM programs:

  1. 1. Open Filer and copy the desired .EXM program to the TEMP.EXM file.
  2. 2. Open AppManager and run TEMP.EXM, or just press the hot-key combination that you selected for TEMP.EXM.
Judson Hardcastle

CompuServe ID: [71155,1761]

iPhone Life magazine

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