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Setting WordPerfect 5.1+ for DOS to work on the HP 100/200LX 100/200LX

Setting WordPerfect 5.1+ for DOS to work on the HP 100/200LX 100/200LX

I got WP 5.1+ to work on my 100LX by doing a minimum installation on a memory card (i.e., installing only those WordPerfect files absolutely necessary for the program to operate). I used the Mini-mum Installation option from WordPerfect's install program to install the files to my desktops hard drive. Then I copied them to my Palmtops memory card and ran the program from the DOS A prompt by typing wp and pressing (ENTER). It took approx 4.5 seconds for the program to load.

The minimum installation installed these WordPerfect files:

File name-- File size (Kb)

WP.EXE -- 233,472

WP.FIL -- 649,175

KEYS.MRS -- 4,800

WP.MRS --6,072



STANDARD.VRS -- 30,482

WP.QRS -- 17,034

WP51.INS -- 2,307

WP{WP}US.LCN -- 16

WP{WP}.SET -- 5,551

When I get a bigger memory card, I want to put all of WP5.1+ on it, so I can convert WordPerfect for Windows 6.0 documents on the 100LX, and work with my real work documents.

Thomas Glen Leo


[A. Meshar, CompuServe ID: 71414,2112, used CLOSFLR to remove Filer from System RAM and give him some more memory to run WordPerfect 5.1+. Michael Schuster, CompuServe ID: 70346,1745, discovered that WordPerfect 5.1+ crashed on his HP 200LX whenever it automatically powered off after 3 minutes, or when he pressed (OFF). The solution he discovered was to go to the WP setup menu, and under cursor speed option select the last choice: 6. Normal --Rich.]

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