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Challenges ordering Palmtop

Challenges ordering Palmtop products from overseas

It seems the products advertised in The HP Palmtop Paper are for the residents of the USA only. I called last night to the companies listed in your articles, trying to order the ThinFax Fax/ Modem card, the Smart Fax /Modem card and Pocket Quicken in order to upgrade my 1MB HP 100LX Palmtop. However, I could only get a no, or I'm sorry, and then they would hang up, unaware that I would be paying my bill with a credit card.

I would like to know where Hong Kong HP Palmtop users can buy the stuff listed in your articles. We cannot get any support from our local HP dealers since there are too few users here. Most other dealers only carry DataLink products. I wonder if I'm the only subscriber to your paper in Hong Kong, and if Hong Kong is on someone's embargo list.

Yours Sincerely,

Ngai Yiu Chung, Sheung Shui, HONG KONG

[You are not the only subscriber in the Hong Kong area. There are over 150 subscribers around you (and there are many more users than subscribers). If you or one of your friends would like to start a Hong Kong Users Group, let us know and we will put your name and contact information in the Users Groups sidebar in the Third Party Products section.

Even though some problems exist, most of the companies that advertise in the HP Palmtop Paper are very aware that 35% of our readers are international. Most take overseas orders.

I called some of the companies who sell / manufacture the products you mention. All the companies I talked to take orders directly, except EXP, the makers of the ThinFax Fax/Modem card. EXPs international orders are handled by Eclipse International (see below).

One company said that after hours sales calls are routed through to another number, so if time differences from Hong Kong make it hard to call during regular USA business hours, it would be better to send a fax.

Here are some of the replies I got:

Smart Modular Inter-national orders are easiest by fax: 510-623-0909, Attn: Kristin Fish, Director of International Sales. Include your full name, name and quantity of product, credit card information, phone or fax where you can be reached if there are questions, and full address to ship to. Or you can call 510-416-5656, 8:00 am. 5:00 pm. Pacific Standard Time.

EduCalc (various Palmtop products) Takes orders 24 hours / day: 714-582-2637; Fax: 714-582-1445.

ThinFax/EXP International orders taken through Eclipse International: 516-423-6800, 9:00 am 6:00 pm. Eastern Standard Time.

Intuit (Pocket Quicken) International order number: 520-295-3240, Monday-Friday 8:00 am. 5:00 pm. Pacific Standard Time.

Good luck! Paul.]

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