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When Data Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else, Stick it in the Note Field 100/20


When Data Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else, Stick it in the Note Field 100/200LX

In PhoneBook and Database, if you have data that wont fit in or is not appropriate for any of the fields you have set up, put it in the Note field. You can press (F4) (Find) from the All Items screen to locate the information. You can also a Subset to sort on it.

For example, PhoneBook has fields for all sorts of information, but none for e-mail addresses, personal hobbies, clubs an individual belongs to, food preferences, etc. You can enter this type of information in the Note field.

Later on, when you've forgotten a contacts name, but need to call them up, you remember that they liked Chinese food. You press (F4) (Find), type in Chinese food and press (F4) (Next). PhoneBook will go to the first name with the word Chinese food in any of the fields. Keep pressing (F4) till you recognize the name of the person you're looking for.

You can also set up a Subset to display only those entries with Chinese food in the Notes field. From the All PhoneBook Items screen for PHONE, or at the All Database Items screen for Database, do the following:

1. Press (F6) (Subset) (F2) (Define) and press (ENTER).

2. Tab to the Note field and type in Chinese food (or whatever word you're looking for).

3. Press (F10) (OK), give the Subset a name (Chinese food) and press (ENTER).

To see a list of all PhoneBook items with Chinese food in the Note field, highlight the Chinese food subset in the View Subset screen and press (F10).

You can use this same technique to locate or sort on alternate phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, food preferences, etc.

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