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Use NiMH batteries, but keep a pair of Lithiums just in case 100/200LX

Here is what I consider my ideal battery setup. One pair of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries that are charged once a week as a routine and one pair of Lithiums as a backup. Since the NiMHs do not have Memory Effects they are easily topped off within the standard 6 hour charge weekly. The Lithiums are great backup batteries as they hold their charge for years. Alternatively if you want to charge externally, two sets of NiMHs swapped weekly will work fine.

[Note: Neither NiMH or Lithium batteries are officially approved by HP for use in HP Palmtops.]

To enable the Palmtops recharging capability:

  1. 1. Press (CTRL)-(FILER) to go into SetUp.
  2. 2. Press (MENU) Options Battery to go to the Battery Settings screen.
  3. 3. Press (DownArrow) to select the Nickel Cadmium (re- chargeable) option.
  4. 4. Tab to Enable recharging and press (Spacebar) to select this option.
  5. 5. Press (F10) when finished.
To charge your batteries, connect them to the Palmtops AC Adapter. NiMHs can be charged with the HP AC/DC Adaptor (HP F1011A) but if they're very low they will need to be charged up to three times to be fully charged.

Some Palmtop users have found it difficult to get NiMH batteries. Two sources of NiMHs are:

ACE Technologies Inc. Phone: 800-825-9977 or 408- 734-0100; Fax: 408-734-3344

Shier Systems & Software Phone: 805-371-9391; Fax: 805-371-9454

Mark Scardina [Sysop] CompuServe ID: [76711,732]

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