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Human Relations

Human Relations

Remembering a persons name creates feelings of trust and friendship

In both friendship and business, remembering a persons name can play an important role in establishing trust and friendship. A common way to remember names is to put a list on your bathroom mirror or your car dashboard. The problem is that after a day or two, we usually don't notice the list again.


You can set a repeating Appointment in Appointment Book to help you remember names fast:

  1. 1. In APPT, set up an appointment with the persons name (and a key word or two if you want) in the Description field of the Appointment/Event screen.
  2. 2. Enter the time information you want and enable the alarm.
  3. 3. Press (F8) (Repeat), RightArrow to select Daily, and enter 1 in the Frequency field. Enter the Starting and Ending dates you want in the Duration section.
  4. 4. Press (F10) (OK) (F10) (Done).
Now each time your alarm goes off, the person's name you want to remember (and any key words you have with it) will appear in the Alarm screen of your Palmtop. Read the name and key words to yourself, preferably out loud. Doing this repeatedly should ensure that you remember the persons name. NOTE: To repeat the alarm, press (Spacebar) (Snooze) to have your alarm re-sound again up to 55 minutes later.

Other uses for APPT reminders

You can also use repeating Appointment alarms to remind yourself of affirmations, new words for your vocabulary, or key phrases or equations for an upcoming exam.

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