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Automatic Timers Assist Your Workout Schedule

Working out keeps you fit. If you have a busy schedule it can also be important to keep your workout within pre-set time limits. For this reason some people time each section of their workout routine, making sure they get a long enough workout, but still end on time.


You can set up a macro on your 100/200LX to run an automatic schedule of appointments that take their start time reference from the System clock in your Palmtop.

For this example, let's set up a hypothetical one hour workout schedule using (F9) as our macro key. (NOTE: This is a hypothetical workout only. For a proper workout schedule for yourself, consult knowledgeable sources.)

Our hypothetical workout schedule includes:

Warm-up stretches 5 min.

Bicycle 10 min.

Upper body weights 15 min.

Lower body weights 15 min.

Jogging 10 min.

Walking warm down 3 min.

Stretches 2 min.

To set up our timed workout:

  1. 1. In APPT, at today's Appointments screen, start the macro by pressing (SHIFT)-(Fn) (F9).
  2. 2. Type Start Warm-up Stretches in the Description field. Tab to the Start Time field and press (Fn) (.) (Time). Press (F10) (Done).
  3. 3. Set the Bicycle alarm to go off 5 minutes from the time you start. To do this, type Bicycle at the Appointment/Event screen, tab to the Start Time field and press (Fn) (.). Next press (SHIFT) (+) five times to add 5 minutes to the present time. Enable the alarm field, then tab to the Leadtime field and enter 0. Press (F10) (Done).



To add to the System time in the Start Time field, press:

(SHIFT) (+) Adds 1 minute

(+) Adds 15 minutes

Repeat this formula for all other start times in your workout schedule: At each Start Time field, press (Fn) (.) to enter the current System time, then increase this time by the amount of minutes necessary. For example, the start time for Upper Body Weights is the current (System) time plus 15 minutes. The start time for Lower Body Weights is the current (System) time plus 30 minutes (15 minutes to get to the beginning of Upper body weights, plus the 15 minutes it took for the Upper body weights workout).

It's helpful to write out a time chart listing the amounts of time to add to each appointments present time, like the one below.

Segment Add to System time

Warm-up stretches 0 min.

Bicycle 5 min.

Upper body weights 20 min.

Lower body weights 35 min.

Jogging 50 min.

Walking warm down 60 min.

Stretches 68 min.

Done 70 min.

After entering your last Appointment, stop the macro by pressing (SHIFT)-(Fn) (F9). Now when you are ready to begin your workout, press (Fn) (F9). Your Palmtop starts your timed schedule and beeps you with an alarm at the beginning of each segment.

Other uses for automatically timed schedules

You can also use automatically timed schedules for discussion times in meetings, to monitor cooking times or times to take medicines.

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