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HP Palmtop their primary computer

HP Palmtop their primary computer

[The following letter was signed by 163 Palmtop users and sent to HP. It evolved through discussions on the HPHAND Forum on CompuServe and begins with a quote from Palmtop user Avi Meshar.] I like the notion of the PC being the companion to the LX - it reflects my usage and priority pattern to a tee!

We, the undersigned, want Hewlett Packard Product Development and Marketing Divisions to know that we consider the HP100/200LX to be our primary computer.

We sometimes use one of the following systems as a companion to our HP Handheld computer: Apple, DOS (all versions), OS/2, UNIX, Windows 3.1, Windows for Work Groups 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT.

When making decisions about the development of future Palmtop Computers, please realize that we use our HP Palmtops for COMPUTING. We are not looking for fancy GUI gadgets. The wish list that follows is prioritized, beginning with the most important:

  1. 1. Retain DOS compatibility.
  2. 2. Add more RAM (extended/expanded).
  3. 3. Give us more storage space on C Drive.
  4. 4. Use a faster processor (386 minimum, 486 is better).
  5. 5. Keep the long battery life. (A little reduction would be acceptable if necessary to improve performance. Using 4 batteries if necessary is acceptable, but they should stay AAs.)
  6. 6. Keep the form factor as near the current size as possible. The Palmtop's use and importance to our daily lives is directly related to its compact size. If an increase is necessary, it should be in terms of millimeters not centimeters. If you take away its portability, you will reduce its usefulness. For many, its important not to increase the size at all. If the size must change, it must result in a significant improvement to the device (i.e. an additional PC Card slot, a significant change in screen attributes, etc..).
  7. 7. Add a second PC Card slot to be used for Fax/ Modem or Type III use.
  8. 8. Implement a higher contrast screen (VGA if possible).
  9. 9. Include an indigo type backlight screen that would not prevent screen from being used in reflective mode.
  10. 10. Include standard serial and parallel ports.
  11. 11. Add integrated spell checker, dictionary, thesaurus, and FAX software. The most important two are the spell checker and the fax software.
Dara Khoyi

CompuServe ID: [74147,242]

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