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Puzzled by Palmtop distribution

Puzzled by Palmtop distribution

While visiting the U.S. recently, I planned to buy the HP 200LX. (I prefer the U.S. version, which is difficult to find in Europe.) I was most surprised to find that computer shops like Staples in Boston and WIZ in New York City didn't have the 2MB 200LXs. In fact, they didn't even know it existed!

I was equally surprised to see the very Palmtop I was looking for in all the discount electronics shops on Broadway and 5th Avenue (ranging as high as $1,199 to as low as $550).

Why do the serious computer shops only sell the 1MB version of the 200LX while the bazaar shops offer the 2MB version? I am a bit confused by HP's distribution policy.

Pierre J.B. Herzog

Pullach, GERMANY

iPhone Life magazine

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