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Shareware & Freeware


This shareware program is a concise, easy-to-use 58,000 word English language dictionary. JORJ provides a handy reference to check spelling of a word or find its meaning. The screen display also includes all inflected forms of a root word. JORJ has phonetic capability, so that when you do not know how to spell the word you want, you may enter it the way it sounds and JORJ will find it. JORJ requires 1.2 MB to install.


This shareware program is a stand-alone text file spelling checker that displays the text file as it goes through the file, checking for spelling errors.

At each word that it thinks is misspelled, you're given the option of replacing the word from a list of suggested spellings, manually correcting it, adding the word to the dictionary, marking it for later correction, or ignoring it throughout the rest of the document.

Sharespell comes with an 80,000 word dictionary.

VDE 1.8

This shareware program is a small, fast, and powerful text editor / word processor that has gotten great reviews. Edit multiple files, auto format documents, use macros to automate keystrokes, access features from menus or WordStar commands, supports multiple file formats, comes with many printing features, extensively customizable, and much more.

Shell to VDE from applications. Registered users get an integrated spelling checker. This latest version has many improvements, including column block mode.

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