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Corrections & Conferences

Corrections & Conferences

Global Corrections Substitute Global Connections for Globalink

In the September/October issue of The HP Palmtop Paper (pg.10, Vol.4, No. 5, 1995), we referred to Globalink as being one of the companies represented at the HP Handheld User's Conference in Minneapolis. A similar mistake was made in the May/June issue (pg.21, Vol.4, No.3, 1995) regarding the sale of the HP 1000CX. Both references should read Global Connections.

Global Connections, Inc. is an exclusive HP dealer located in Janesville, Wisconsin. You can reach Global Connections at: Phone: 800-709-9494 or 608-752-1537; Fax: 608-752-9548.

PDA Developers Conference January 14-16, 1996

PDA Developers West 96, will be held January 14-16, 1996, in San Mateo, CA, following the San Francisco MacWorld Expo. The conference is presented by Creative Digital, Inc., publishers of PDA Developers magazine. It is a technical conference designed to give developers of PDA products:

  • An in-depth technical understanding of the most popular hand-held platforms and their development environments
  • A broad overview of third-party PDA development tools and products
  • Crucial information about what it takes to succeed as a PDA software developer
  • Insight into wireless technologies and service providers that are looking for development partners
  • A glimpse at new, exciting technologies that will impact the PDA market



The first day of the conference will include full-day tutorials on Magic Cap, GEOS/OmniGo, Newton, and Psion development. The second and third days include classes on wireless PDA development, advanced programming topics, the business of software development and new technologies.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Andy Hertzfeld co-founder and software wizard, General Magic.
  • Kheng-Joo Khaw general manager, handheld computer division, Hewlett Packard, Singapore.
  • Andy Seybold noted wireless industry analyst and editor of Andy Seybold's Outlook.
  • Jeff Hawkins chairman and founder of Palm Computing.
  • Hal Goldstein, publisher of The HP Palmtop Paper, will also be speaking.



There will be ongoing developer tool exhibits and demonstrations all three days, as well as vendor exhibits at selected times each day. To allow maximum attendee flexibility, separate registrations will be held for the tutorials and the following days of the conference. Individual tutorials are $150 until Nov. 22. Conference registration starts at $375 for both days, including breakfast and lunch. There are reduced rates for people who register for both a tutorial and the conference, as well as student rates, and reduced rates for multiple attendees from the same company. Room rates at the Dunfey Hotel, where the conference is being held, start at $72 for a single or double room. The Dunfey is located five minutes from the San Francisco airport, 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco, and less than an hour from all parts of Silicon Valley.

Further agenda and registration details can be found on: CompuServe (GO NEWTVENS, Creative Digital library), America Online (Computing/PDAs/PDA Development/New Files), eWorld (GO NEWTON / Llama Lounge/Sample Code /New Files), as well as at ftp://newton.uiowa.edu/submissions. (Look for files PDEV95.SIT & PDEV95.ZIP.) For more information, contact Creative Digital, Inc.

PDA Developers West 96 is produced by Creative Digital, Inc., and co-sponsored by General Magic, Psion, and Hewlett Packard. Creative Digital can be reached at: Creative Digital, Inc., 293 Corbett Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA; Phone: 415-621-4252; Fax: 415-621-4922; Internet: cdi@cdigital.com or 74774.50@compuserve.com or Cdigital@eworld.com or cdpi@aol.com

Utility Industry Handhelds Forum

A utility industry hand-held forum will be held December 7-8, 1995 in San Francisco, CA. The forum will bring together utility industry officials and producers, developers and experts in the hand-held computer industry. Discussions led by major corporate users and suppliers of this technology will focus on solving problems and filling needs in the industry.

CONTACT: World Market Strategies, Ltd., 4309 17th. Street, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA; Phone: 415-252-8008; Fax: 415-252-8055.

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