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What is GEOS?

What is GEOS?

The HP OmniGo 100, created in cooperation by Hewlett-Packard Company and Geoworks, features the Geoworks GEOS system software. GEOS is the operating system, or brain of the device. It tells the hardware and software how to work together and controls functions like the user interface (what you see on the screen), so that applications look similar to each other and are able to share data. GEOS equips the OmniGo 100 with a point-and-tap interface, and the ability to accept either pen or keyboard input. GEOS provides an easy-to-use graphical environment and allows the user to add accessories, applications and services to the OmniGo 100. (Some of the companies already providing these additional products and services include: HP, Geoworks, Intuit, Skytel, Wynd Communications, Notable Technologies, and Palm Computing.)

GEOS was developed by Geoworks, a leading provider of operating system and application software for the consumer computing market. Hewlett-Packard is an equity investor in the company, along with Novell, Inc. and Nokia. Founded in 1983, Geoworks has 125 employees and is based in Alameda, CA.

In addition to Hewlett-Packard, other companies who are licensed to use GEOS include: Nokia, Toshiba, Brother International and Canon Business Machines.

Geoworks Developer Assistance Programs: Tools and Training

If you are interested in developing GEOS based applications, you should contact Geoworks, maker of the GEOS operating system which is at the heart of the HP OmniGo 100.


Geoworks is committed to building a community of developers around its GEOS operating system platform. For this purpose, the company has developed comprehensive training and support programs and tools for third party developers.

The GEOS Software Development Kit (SDK) for the HP OmniGo 100 contains everything a developer needs to create stand-alone applications, libraries, and device drivers. Available on CD-ROM, the kit contains complete documentation, code samples, editors, pre-compilers, debugging tools, and other useful utilities. The SDK requires two PCs (host and target, for debugging code) and Borland C compiler (version 3.1 or later). It will be available later and will cost $99.

Geoworks Bindery is a graphical publishing tool which allows the user to create electronic books for use on the OmniGo 100 and other computing devices using the GEOS operating system. It allows both computer hobbyists as well as software developers and corporate information managers, to publish electronic books easily using a standard desktop PC. Books are then transferred to the OmniGo 100 or other GEOS-based devices using the built-in Geoworks BookReader application.

Geoworks Bindery, regularly sells for $99, but is available for $29 through January 31, 1996. The package includes samples, clip art, help files, and the freeware Geoworks BookReader application.


Geoworks also offers two comprehensive, hands-on training programs one designed to help developers understand the concepts of programming for GEOS, and the other how to use the GEOS Software Development Kit. Both are five-day sessions and include lecture and lab work, with individual attention given to each student.

Recent experience developing C applications is required. Class registration fees are $1,495 per student per course.


Development is not merely a matter of purchasing a tool and writing code. Set up for this reason, Geoworks' Silver and Gold Assistance Programs give you critical information to get you from start to successful product.

The Silver Assistance Program is free to all developers who purchase SDK or Geoworks Bindery. The program offers access to GEOS developer forums where you receive peer support and updates.

For $500, the Gold Assistance Program provides more direct and timely support from Geoworks as well as discounts and access to more in-depth information and services.


For more information about any of these products or programs, please call Geoworks 24-hour fax-on-demand system at: 510-814-4266 and request document #1001. You can also visit Geoworks World Wide Web site at: http://www.geoworks.com. To order the Software Development Kit or Geoworks Bindery, call: 800-436-7735; International: +510-814-5846.

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