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What to do with your old HP Palmtop

What to do with your old HP Palmtop

Now that you have read about the two new HP OmniGos, maybe you decide you are ready for an HP OmniGo or an HP 200LX. What do you do with your HP 95LX/100LX/200LX? Here are some options:

Sell your HP Palmtop Locally

Put an ad in a paper or sell it to a friend. This solution may require the most time, but it will probably be your best financial option.

Put a "For Sale" notice on an electronic bulletin board

Most private and commercial electronic bulletin boards allow you to put up for sale notices.

Trade in your HP Palmtop to a Palmtop dealer who sells used equipment

This approach minimizes time and hassle and you may be able to work a trade-in. However, it also minimizes what you will receive for your HP Palmtop since the dealer must make the venture profitable for himself. Currently, we are aware of three such avenues.

  • EduCALC: Phone: 800-677-7001 or 714-582-2637; Fax: 714-582-1445.
  • Global Connections: 800-709-9494 or 608-752-1537; Fax: 608-752-9548.
  • THUS: 610-588-2600 or Fax: 610-588-1727
Thaddeus Computing (that's us) can always use extra palmtops for various projects. Please don't call. If you want to mail in your Palmtop equipment and manuals to us, here is what we will pay for equipment in good working order and good shape:

512K HP 95LX (with manuals) ......$50

1 Meg 95LX (with manuals) ......$70

1MB HP 100LX (with manuals) ......$100

2MB HP 100LX (with manuals ......$120

1MB HP 200LX (with manuals) ......$150

2MB HP 100LX (with manuals ......$170

95LX HP Connectivity Pack with cable and manual ............. $10

100LX or 200LX HP Connectivity Pack with cable and manual.... $20

Depending on the product well deduct $5-$20 if it does not come with manual.

MISC - RAM, Flash, or Modem cards, cables, software, other items: well look things over, but we may not be able to offer much.

Send equipment to: HP Palmtop Used Equipment, Thaddeus Computing, 57 E. Broadway, Fairfield, IA 52556, USA.

Include a note mentioning this offer with your phone and fax number. You will receive reimbursement within three weeks after we receive the equipment.

Give your HP Palmtop to a friend, family member, or colleague

What a great present to pass along. (If you really want to give them a good start, order them a set of back issues to The HP Palmtop Paper.)

Donate your HP Palmtop to charity

Check with your accountant to see how much you can deduct as a charitable contribution. Universities make natural recipients. If you like the idea but don't want to spend the time finding a recipient, here are two suggestions:

Send it to the Cristina foundation

The National Cristina Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that shares computer and high tech applications to help people in need lead productive lives. For more information contact: NCF, 42 Hillcrest Drive, Pelham Manor, NY 10803, USA; Phone: 800-274-7846 or 914-738-7494.

Send it to us marked "HP Palmtop Donation."

We'll see that the equipment is donated to our local university, Maharishi University of Management. (M.U.M. specializes in research in consciousness). We will make sure that M.U.M. sends you a receipt which you can use for your taxes. Send equipment to: HP Palmtop Donation, Thaddeus Computing, 57 E. Broadway, Fairfield, IA 52556, USA.

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