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How to set up DOSSHELL

How to set up DOSSHELL

[Remember, backup your HP before you try any new program!]

The DOSSHELL program comes with the full version of the MS-DOS operating system. However, it does not come with the HP 100LX or 200LX. DOSSHELL that comes on versions 5.0 and 6.0 work on the HP100/200.

If you have DOS 5.0 or 6.0 installed on another PC, you should find the DOSSHELL files in your C:\DOS directory. If you used the MS DOS upgrade kit to upgrade to DOS 6.2 you should also find the DOSSHELL files in your C:\DOS directory. (The upgrade kit modified some files, and added others. But it did not delete any existing DOSSHELL-related files.)

If you purchased and installed DOS 6.2 (not the upgraded kit), you'll have to get the DOSSHELL-related files from Microsoft. You can call Microsoft directly for this file (call: 800-426-9400 and ask for the MS DOS 6.2 Supplemental Disk.). You can also download the file DOS62SP.EXE from CompuServe, Internet (ftp.microsoft.com), or the Microsoft BBS (206-936-6735).

[Editors Note - Several years ago we were informally told the license for DOS in the Palmtop includes all utilities that came with that DOS version. Therefore, assuming this is true, you may legally copy DOSSHELL at least from DOS 5 disks.]

DOSSHELL Setup -- You need the following DOSSHELL-related files from version 5.0 or 6.0:


Follow these steps to set up DOSSHELL on your HP Palmtop:

  1. 1. Load all files in a directory on A Drive (I use A:\DS).
  2. 2. Use Memo to modify your AUTOEXEC.BAT file with the following lines:
  3. a. After the Path Statement add: set temp=a:\ds
  4. b. After the above line add: set dosshell=a:\ds
  5. 3. Terminate all applications and go to the DOS prompt. (Press (&...) (MENU) Application, Terminate All ... (F10).
  6. 4. Go to directory containing the DOSSHELL files (i.e. A:\DS).
  7. 5. Type dosshell and press (ENTER).
  8. 6. Press (ALT) Options Display, select Text 25 lines low resolution and press (ENTER).
  9. 7. Press (ALT) Options Colors, select Monochrome-2 Colors or Reverse and press (ENTER).
  10. 8. Press (ALT) View Program List. This puts Dosshell into program list mode and does not take extra time upon return to DOSSHELL to log the directories and files. This is a personal preference of mine, and not absolutely necessary.
  11. 9. Press (ALT) File New to add new programs to the Program List and have fun.
The DOSSHELL.INI file contains changes you make to DOSSHELLs configuration. I have included my version of DOSSHELL.INI = for The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK.

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