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Print Database Files to an ASCII Comma Delimited File

The 100/200LX has many great built-in features, and some of the most useful are the built-in database programs: Database, PhoneBook, Appointment Book, NoteTaker, and WorldTime.

Sometimes I need to print records from these applications, in a certain order, to an ASCII Comma Delimited file that I can then import into another program. This can be easily done on the Palmtop.

Start the application you want. Press (F5) (Clip), then (Alt)-Define. At this point you see a blank Define Smart Clip screen.

Designate which fields you want in the ASCII file. To do this, enter a set of quotation marks ("), then press (F2) (Field). You get the Define Field dialog box. Use the arrow keys to highlight the first field you want in the ASCII file and press (ENTER).

The define Smart Clip screen will now look like this:


(The arrows are added by the Smart Clip). Now enter another set of quotation marks ("), a (,) and another ("). Repeat the procedure by pressing (F2) (Field), adding the next field, then another set of (") (,) ("). Do this until you have all the fields you want in your file in the correct order.

The final screen will look something like the following:

">Name<",">Address<",">Cust No<"," >City<",">Phone<"

The words between the arrows (>) Name, Address, etc., are only examples. You will have your own field names depending on which application you are in and what fields you have set up.

When you are done, press (F10) (OK) and name the Smart Clip (e.g. CommaDelim) and press (F10) (OK), then (F10) (OK) again to return to the database. You have created a Smart Clip template for your ASCII comma delimited file.

To print the file, press (MENU) File Print. Select what you want to print, either "Selected Items" or "All Items", using the arrow keys. In the "Style" section, select "Custom", tab to the "1 Item Per Page" check box and use (Spacebar) to select or deselect it. Tab to the pull-down box and select the Smart Clip you just created. Press (Alt)-File to select to print to a file, then press (ENTER) (OK). Give the file a name including the complete path, for example C:\_DAT\MYFILE.ASC. The file can now be imported into almost any database, word processor or label program.

Carl Merkle

CompuServe ID: [73564,2461]

Tom Gibson


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