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Take stock of your day to see where the time goes

It's a common experience at the end of the day to wonder where the time went. To give us this information, we can track every minute of an "average" day and record where we are being unproductive. This can be extremely useful to anyone who feels there is not enough time in the day, allowing them to know exactly how much time they are spending on the job.


In Memo, press (MENU) File New. Write the day of the week and attach the date to it by pressing (Fn) (,) (Date). Enter a description of the task you are starting, for example, Calling about financial software. Then press (Fn) (.) (Time). The time is entered next to your task.

Memo file tracking the day's activities using Date/Time stamp

[Note: to change the format of the time or date display, press (&...) (S) (Setup) (MENU) Options Date/Time and choose the formats you want. Then press (ENTER) (OK) (MENU) (Q) (Quit).]

When you finish the task you are working on, are interrupted, or just need to change to another task, make a note of it in your Memo file (e.g. Stopped research on financial software. Started: sales meeting.), and press (Fn) (.) (Time) to enter the new time.

At the end of the day, you should have a minute by minute account that you can use to help you monitor your time more efficiently in the future.

Other uses for Time and Date stamps

You can use the Time and Date stamp feature to track billing time for your clients, keep a diary, record business dealings or medication times and their results.

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