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The rough life of an HP Palmtop

The rough life of an HP Palmtop

My first HP 95LX fell off the top of a moving car and I didn't get it back for two weeks, but it was fine other than the missing battery cover which HP graciously replaced. I then submersed it in a large cup of coffee in the center console of my car and had to send it back to HP for repair. (I no longer set it in the center console when I drive.)

Later I bought a new HP 200LX which I proceeded to dowse with wine. I disassembled it, rinsed it, blew it out with canned air and then placed it in a toaster oven at 150 degrees for a couple of hours, and it worked fine.

Well, recently someone stole a valise out of my car and the 200LX was among the contents. A kindly and honorable woman called the next day to tell me she had found the valise and contents strewn across a Safeway parking lot in Menlo Park. When I retrieved it, I gave the lady a good sized reward and later checked out the Palmtop. It had been run over by a car, the screen broken, and the ACE DoubleFlash+ (20/40MB) was bent and crushed at the outer end. My thinking, of course, was that it was replacement time. I had a spare 200LX that I had just purchased for one of my new consultants, and when I plugged in the card, it worked perfectly! That's a tough product!

I put new batteries in the broken 200LX, connected it to a laptop, and even though I wasn't able to read the screen, I was able to recover the latest data updates! Today I'm sending it back to HP for repair. What absolutely great products!

My history with HP Palmtops has been a testimony to their durability. I wouldn't think of operating my business without the Palmtops being a major part of our computing architecture.

Robert W. Harbison

CompuServe ID: [71341,1070]

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