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Define a subset with multiple criteria

The Subset option lets you look a small part of any database application (PhoneBook, DataBase, NoteTaker, WorldTime). (Press (F6) Define and create your selection criteria.)

You can make a subset definition as complex as you need. This is done by filling out more than one field and/or including more than one possible entry in a field (see below). For example, if you wanted to create a PhoneBook subset of business contacts in the 415 phone area code (San Francisco area) you could Press (F6) Define, tab to the Business Pone field of the Define Subset screen and enter 415. Then Tab to the Category field and select Business (assuming you have predefined Business as a category).Press (F10), give the subset a name and press (F10) again. To select a subset, open PhoneBook, press (F6), select the subset you just created and press (F10). Only the desired entries are displayed.

Subsets is particularly important for those with large databases and PhoneBooks. It reduces the field of possible entries and makes searches faster.

As mentioned above, you can specify more than one possible match for a given field by separating the possibilities with a comma. In the example above, we could create a subset to select phone numbers in the San Francisco and Palo Alto are by entering 415,408 in the Business phone filed of the Subset Define screen.

Entries preceded by a hyphen will be excluded from the subset. If you want to specify a range of numbers they can be preceded by <, >, =, <=, >=, or <> (good for selecting Zip Code ranges). If you want to specify a criterion that could appear in any field, then precede it with an asterisk.

Tom Gibson

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