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Turn Lotus 1-2-3 into an adding machine

Desk adding machines are very handy. Particularly the ones with a tape print out that lets you check the numbers you entered. Palmtop users can use HP Calcs List function to add a series of numbers. You can also create a 1-2-3 worksheet with a Lotus macro that lets you have a list of up to 8100+ numbers on an electronic tape. Follow along an it will become clear.

The value of this electronic adding machine is that as you read over the electronic tape, you can make corrections and the total will be updated. In addition, you can save the tape at any point and retrieve it from disk for future work. Here's how to set it up:

  1. 1. Start with a clear worksheet. Press (MENU) Worksheet Erase Yes if needed.
  2. 2. Enter the following into your spreadsheet. The A2 through H1 references indicate the cell it goes into, the right indicates the formulas to enter. Key in the code on the left exactly as shown. (Use French braces {} rather than parentheses, except in the @sum() function.)



A2: @SUM(A3..A4)
A3: \-
B1: Enter [-]Number, Press ALT-A
D2: ALT-C=Clear
F1: {Paneloff}{Windowsoff}
F2: {HOME}{D 3}/wir~
F3: {HOME}/m~a4~
H1: /rea4..a8192~
H2: {Goto}A2~@sum(A3.A4)~{home}
  1. 3. Press (MENU) Range Name Create \A, press (ENTER), type F1..F1 and press (ENTER) to create the range.
  2. 4. Press (MENU) Range Name Create \C, press (ENTER), type H1..H1 and press (ENTER) to create the range.
  3. 5. Press the Home key (Fn)-LeftArrow to put the cursor in cell A1.
  4. 6. Press (MENU) Worksheet Column Setwidth 18 (ENTER).
  5. 7. Press (MENU) Worksheet Global Format Fixed 2 and press (ENTER).
  6. 8. Press (MENU) File Save, type adder and press (ENTER).
  7. 9. Place the cursor in cell A1. and key in a number (precede it with a minus sign if you want to subtract.) and press (ALT)-A to add the number.



If you forget and press (ENTER), press (ALT)-A at that point. Press (ALT)-C to clear the tape and start over.

The tape is upside down, and you have to press (ALT)-A instead of (+) or (=). But, hey, the price is right. It's free and in the public domain (See TAPE.WK1 <See Shareware/Freeware index>).

Ed Keefe

CompuServe ID: [75300,3667]

iPhone Life magazine

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