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Put your most used HP Calc applications on function keys

Open HP Calc to the Arithmetic application and take a look at the labels at the bottom of the screen and you'll see a feature that goes unnoticed by some. Some of HP Calcs more useful functions are associated with the F-keys. For example, if you want to go to the Solver application, all you have to do is press (F5).

Another feature that goes unnoticed by many is HP Calcs Custom application. This lets you decide which HP Calc applications are associated with what F-key. Here's how it works.

Open HP Calc and press (MENU) Options Custom Application. You will see the set custom application keys setup screen.

Tab between the function keys and when you get to one you would like to change, press the Up- and Down Arrows to cycle through the different applications and mathematics functions, or type the first letter of the application name.

After you have made all the changes you want press (F10) for OK. Whenever you open the HP Calc Custom application, the F-key changes you just made are listed at the bottom display

You can also set HP Calc up to display this Custom application screen every time you start HP Calc. Press (MENU) Options Startup Application, select Custom from the list and press (F10). Now, every time you start HP Calc the Custom screen comes up displaying your F-key selections.

Rich Hall

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