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HP's marketing strategy: Word-of-mouth?

HP's marketing strategy: Word-of-mouth?

HP's marketing strategy seems to be word-of-mouth for their 200LX Palmtops. Every time I take mine out to jot down a few notes, lookup a number, or check my appointments, people ask "What the heck is that?" I usually end up giving them a demonstration. No one seems to have heard of them.

One fellow saw me using mine at the library and mentioned he had an organizer collecting dust at home. I gave him a demonstration of the 200LX and watched him walk away mumbling "wow," and stumbling into furniture. Hopefully his mind cleared enough that he could drive home.

When people run into them at an office supply store they're usually looking for the cheapest electronic organizer they can find. When they see the price of the HP 200LX they quickly move on to the hundred dollar units and never discover what they missed.

The people at one office supply chain here are under the impression that the HP OmniGo 100 replaced the HP 200LX, and as far as they're concerned they're the same thing.

HP should advertise these things. Lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, designers, salespeople, programmers and anyone else with a mind and fingers should have one!

Crosby crosby@netzone.com

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