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Is HP 700LX compatible with other cell phones?

Is HP 700LX compatible with other cell phones?

I read the article on HP's OmniGo 700LX by Rich Hall (Vol.4, No.6, 1995) which mentions that the 700LX is a docking station for a Nokia 2110. In Indonesia I can purchase a Nokia N-2110. If I purchase the Nokia N-2110 will it work with the upcoming HP OmniGo 700LX?

Also, many people say that the Ericsson GH-337 uses the most advanced technology (the phone is a little smaller than the Nokia N-2110). Could l use the Ericsson GH-337 with my existing HP 200LX?

I intend to purchase the OmniGo 700LX as soon as it is available here.

Hans R. Jost Jakarta, INDONESIA

[The HP OmniGo 700LX works with the GSM Nokia 2110, PCN Nokia 2140 and other Nokia-compatible cellular phones. This means that phones using GSM or PCN cellular protocols, that have compatible shapes/sizes and functionality will work. These may be sold by Nokia itself, or Nokia cellular phones sold under another brand name.

Nokia has different models of GSM and PCN phones and even the naming of these models varies from region to region world- wide. A Nokia reseller would have the most updated list of these -- the 2110 and 2140 being the main models in these families. The lower-end models do not support some GSM/PCN services -- for example, data communication and fax.

As for the Ericsson GH-337, it is smaller in size and Ericsson is shrinking it even more. The only catch with the GH-337 is that the customer has to come up with his/her own fax software, since Ericsson software will not work with the Palmtop. (Ericsson also makes a GSM datacard.)

Besides the cellular phone to be used with the OmniGo 700LX, the unit requires no software installations, no cables, no external cards, boxes, connectors or adapters (see 700LX update sidebar, page 9) -- Hewlett-Packard.]

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