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Will lithium batteries "fry" your Palmtop?

Will lithium batteries "fry" your Palmtop?

In the past you have written about using Eveready lithium AA batteries found in camera departments. They were also recommended by ACE Technologies, which is where I purchased my 10MB Flash card. (Lithiums have a battery life 2-3 times longer than alkalines and take temperature extremes better than other batteries.) I used them for quite some time until my 200LX began to act crazy, frequently flashing on/off, on/off. I called HP and they recommended "off the record" that I stop using lithium batteries because they would violate my warranty, and probably "fry" my CPU. I've stopped using them and have not had any trouble with my 200LX ever since. But I do miss the power.


[HP does not recommend using lithium batteries because of the uneven power drop-off at the end of the battery's life cycle. This means your Palmtop will show adequate voltage readings until very near the end of the battery's life, then suddenly drop to inadequate levels. If this happens at a time when you are not using your Palmtop, for example, over a weekend, you could lose your data. A third party product like BATTman from ACE lets you monitor different kinds of batteries including lithiums so you have an adequate warning time.

I checked with HP about lithiums "frying" your CPU. That is incorrect information and shouldn't have been given to you. Lithiums do not create a hardware problem, the problem is the uneven power drop-off rate described above. As to the flashing screen, without looking at your unit it's impossible to tell what the problem might be.

Many people successfully use lithium batteries, including the HP Palmtop Paper editorial staff. If you choose to use lithiums without battery monitoring software, make sure you back up often and change your batteries at the first warning from your Palmtop -- Paul.]

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