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Update on the Availability of the HP OmniGo 700LX

Update on the Availability of the HP OmniGo 700LX

HP OmniGo 700LX Communicator Plus now available in Europe and selected countries in the Asia/Pacific region. Availability in the U.S. depends on the introduction of GSM cellular networks.

By Rich Hall

We first announced the HP OmniGo 700LX Communicator Plus in the November/December 1995 issue (see page 29). This unique product is essentially a 200LX with a built-in docking station that lets you connect it to a Nokia 2110 GSM cellular phone for mobile communications. Since the initial release, HP has added support for PCN networks via the Nokia 2140 and compatible cellular phones. The OmniGo 700LX with a docked cellular phone is slightly longer, wider, and thicker than an HP 200LX. The system provides an integrated communications solution that needs no additional cables or PC Cards.

You can leave the Nokia cellular phone docked to the Palmtop and use the built-in software to send and receive faxes and e-mail. When you need to talk on the phone, open the Palmtop, go to your PhoneBook, find the phone number of the person you want to call and press a button to automatically dial the number. When the call goes through, detach phone and talk. Leave the Palmtop open while you talk and make changes to your Appointment Book or PhoneBook as needed.

The OmniGo 700LX has all the built-in software of the 200LX, and additional communications software, including send and receive fax software and the Short Message Service (SMS) application. The Memo hotkey has been replaced by a key to access the Fax function.

The Nokia cellular phone has its own battery and AC adapter. When docked, the Nokia AC charger plugs into the OmniGo 700LX and charges both the phone and an OmniGo 700LX (with NiCds) simultaneously.

HP OmniGo 700LX released first in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region

HP will start shipping the OmniGo 700LX on April 1, 1996. They will introduce the 700LX in the Europe and Asia/Pacific markets simultaneously as follows:

April 1, 1996 -- Europe: Germany, U.K., France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland (products "localized" in the English, German, or French language). Asia/Pacific: Malaysia (Singapore in mid-96 when data services are available).. June, 1996 -- Spain (Spanish language version). Late 1996 -- United States.

The delay in the U.S. release has to do with the lack of GSM and DCS 1800 coverage in the U.S. There are different digital cellular standards in the U.S. The current network is a patchwork of TDMA (time division multiple access), CDMA (code division multiple access) and emerging pockets of GSM (global system for mobile communication, which is a subset of TDMA). The Nokia cellular phone used with the 700LX is GSM based.

Cellular service providers in the U.S. have plans for offering GSM services, but their schedules range from the middle to end 1996 for introduction. These include Pacific Telesis, BellSouth, American Personal Communications, Sprint International and several others. HP plans to sell the OmniGo 700LX in the U.S. after GSM networks become available.

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