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New 5 Megabyte HP 200LX and CD InfoBase

User to User: New 5 Megabyte HP 200LX and HP Palmtop Paper's InfoBase CD

By Hal Goldstein

HP introduced its 95LX Palmtop PC in May, 1991. Today, five years later, the current HP 200LX model doesn't seem much different. Both machines contain an 80186 processor. They are both MS-DOS XT class machines. And they both run Lotus 123 and HP Calc along with other built-in applications that sit on top of a task switcher called "System Manager".

Despite these apparent similarities, the past five years have brought a number of software and hardware advances originating from within HP and from outside HP. Each major advance has remade the Palmtop into a whole new, more capable machine.

There are two obvious differences between the HP 200LX and the HP 95LX. First, the 100/200LX built-in applications are much more powerful than those found on the original Palmtop. Second, the 100/200LX's CGA-based 80-row by 25-column screen option gives it a display that's more like that of a traditional PC, making the Palmtop more truly a "PC in your pocket". However, what makes the HP 200LX a very different machine than the original 512K HP 95LX is increased internal memory, increased PC card storage capacity, and PC card communications.

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