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Upgrade 200LX with 4 extra megabytes of internal memory

Upgrade 200LX with 4 extra megabytes of internal memory

The latest advance is a new 4MB internal memory upgrade (thus creating a 5MB HP 200LX). This procedure was pioneered in Japan and is now available in the U.S. from Time2 Tech (who also sells higher clock speed upgrades), ACE Technologies, and Notebook Supply Warehouse, and in Europe from Rundel Datentechnik (see sidebar, page 22 for more on these vendors).

First the bad news. The 4MB upgrade voids the HP warranty -- it is not HP-approved. Those who take advantage of the upgrade will receive an independent warranty from the upgrade vendor. If repair is needed and you try to send an upgraded 200LX to HP, they may refuse to perform the work. If HP does fix the unit, the user will be charged even if the unit would otherwise be under warranty. Furthermore, in fixing the unit, HP might replace the extra memory with the standard 1MB or 2MB.

In addition, HP 100LX users will most likely not be able to take advantage of this upgrade. The internal BIOS is different, and no one thinks they will be able to solve incompatibility problems. The other down side is the price. Because of the price of both non-volatile RAM and of providing their own warranties, the price of the upgrade is relatively expensive (see sidebar page 22 for price and vendor contact information). Finally, in most cases both 1MB and 2MB 200LXs will upgrade to the 5MB unit. There is a report that recently manufactured 2MB 200LXs can be upgraded to 6MB, but 2MB users should not count on this.

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