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I love the memory upgrade

I love the memory upgrade

Having said all that, I love my 5MB 200LX. We received upgrades from both ACE and Time2 Tech to test. The extra internal memory it gives my Palmtop lets me use Sunshine Software's Software Carousel to switch between DOS applications almost as quickly and easily as I switch between built-in applications. I have set aside 2MB of my newly acquired internal memory for Software Carousel work space. I can have five sessions open at once. The normal System Manager applications with Buddy (ON DISK icon) is session one. SHIFT-F2 takes me to my favorite DOS outline program, GrandView. SHIFT-F3 brings me to a menu of DOS programs created by a menu utility called HDM (ON DISK icon), and SHIFT-F4 brings up my games menu. Pressing (123) opens a fifth session, Lotus 123 with a large 1-2-3 data file open.

There are, of course, many other uses for that 5MB of internal RAM. Users can now comfortably use a PC fax and modem card or a wireless PC Card and still have plenty of room for data and communications software. Those hungry for both storage space and fax/modem capability can store data on an 8MB Fax/Modem/ Flash card from EXP and still have 4.4MB of internal C drive storage. Other users will like the speed of having data or DOS programs run off the C drive RAM Disk rather than a slower flash card.

Should you upgrade? If you are willing to accept the upgrade vendors' warranty, it is a question of finances. Flash (PC Card) storage is less expensive than C drive RAM disk storage. However, depending on your application, the overall usefulness of having more C drive internal memory may justify the extra expense.

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