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The HP Palmtop Paper's CD InfoBase

The HP Palmtop Paper's CD InfoBase

Many of you save past issues of The HP Palmtop Paper for reference. Even so, it is often difficult to track down a particular item you remember reading about. Through the years, we've had many requests for a comprehensive index, and have taken several unsuccessful attempts at it.

With the idea of an index in mind, about a year and a half ago I commissioned what I thought would be a three to four month project. My idea was to put all known HP Palmtop information in a searchable hypertext document and make it available on CD. After researching Hypertext engines, we settled on a product called HyperReader by Ntergaid. Our goal was to create an end product that allowed users to easily and quickly navigate the wealth of information available to answer their queries.

I contacted HP, and they gave us permission to include the HP 200LX User's Guide (good for both HP 100LX and 200LX users) and the HP 100/200LX Technical Reference Guide. We also included our first four years of The HP Palmtop Paper with detailed product information from our advertisers.

Finally, we included in uncompressed format all freeware and shareware software we have mentioned in 1991-95 issues of The HP Palmtop Paper. The descriptions and file listings of the software are indexed along with The HP Palmtop Papers and manuals mentioned above.

HyperReader comes on the CD and its installation onto a Windows PC takes only a few minutes. Users have the option to run the program from the CD (using about 1.5MB of hard disk space) or to install part or all of the CD hypertext onto the PC's hard disk (15MB for text with no graphics, 40MB text and graphics).

The opening screen (below) lets you access most of the capabilities of The HP Palmtop Paper's CD InfoBase.

The HP Palmtop Paper's CD InfoBase opening screen in Windows on your desktop PC lets you access InfoBase's search capabilities. Hundreds of pieces of Palmtop freeware and shareware are also included on the CD.

The user can click on any of the four text boxes or any of the four icons in the top right of the screen. (These icons and others are available throughout the program). Clicking on (The HP Palmtop Paper) takes the user to several screens listing the contents of issues each year leading to an annotated listing of the articles of a particular issue. The user can then click on the desired article and read it, print it, or copy it to his or her PC or Palmtop.

Click on either (100/200LX User's Guide) or (100/200LX Developer's Guide) and you'll find yourself in the appropriate table of contents from which you can move to the text that interests you. Click on (The HP Palmtop Paper on Disk) to go to descriptions of the freeware and shareware mentioned in each issue. Any text on the CD can be copied and pasted into the Windows clipboard and then copied into Notepad or other applications supporting the Windows clipboard. A Windows Notepad file can be copied and saved and used in the Palmtop's Memo application.

The "Contents" icon in the upper right of the screen allows the user to go to a master table of contents, for all Palmtop Papers and manuals plus advertiser and other miscellaneous information. The "Help" icon gives information about using and navigating within HyperReader and serves as an electronic manual.


Perhaps, the most useful icon is the "Find" icon (a magnifying glass). "Find" lets you search for occurrences of given words throughout all text. So, for example, you might want to search for information on lithium batteries. Type in lithium battery and in a few seconds all occurrences of that phrase from past HP Palmtop Papers, from the HP manuals, from the freeware and shareware index, and from the advertisers' descriptions will be listed.

HyperReader also supports Boolean (logical "AND, OR") searches and limiting selection criteria to facilitate searching.

We tested the CD on a variety of configurations. Speed of search varied depending on the speed of the PC's processor, the speed of the CD, and the Windows' memory configuration. However, even on the slowest of configurations, users should find performance acceptable.

After clicking of the Find icon( magnifying glass icon), enter the word or phrase you are looking for (e.g., "lithium battery") and press ENTER.

The CD InfoBase Find feature gives you a detailed list of "hits," articles that have in them the word or phrase you are looking for.

Highlight the "hit" that most interests you and click on the view button to look at the article. The words you searched on are highlighted throughout the article.

Who can benefit from the CD InfoBase?

Anyone who uses a Palmtop regularly, and who is interested enough to subscribe to The HP Palmtop Paper, can probably make good use of the CD. The many hundreds of free and shareware games, utilities, and full-blown Palmtop applications alone, all easily accessible, should make the CD worthwhile to many.

Those who like "surfing the Net" or CD encyclopedias will enjoy moving from topic to topic, learning more about your Palmtop. Or from time to time you may have a problem or question related to the built-in applications. The CD lets you research a question or problem and find the solution fast. In addition, anyone who wants to know about the existence and availability of a Palmtop-related product, can search the CD for a quick answer.

Palmtop developers should find the CD invaluable. The CD contains all published Palmtop technical information plus megabytes of source code. Marketers of Palmtop products will find the CD useful for their market research.

Developer, marketer, and especially end users should find this CD loaded with information and software to make the Palmtop a more effective and enjoyable tool.

(Last minute addition to CD InfoBase: In addition to these Palmtop games, utilities and applications, we have added 100s of Project Gutenberg E-texts (electronic books) created from 1990-1995. That means that you can use Gilles Kohl's Vertical Reader (VR100.ZIP (ON DISK icon) ), also on the CD InfoBase, to turn your Palmtop into a book reader. You'll be able to carry within your Palmtop the Bible, Tale of Two Cities, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the recent NAFTA Treaty, and more.

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