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Vendors offering the internal memory upgrade

Vendors offering the internal memory upgrade

The vendors listed below are offering the internal memory upgrade for the HP 200LX. These upgrades are not official HP products and upgrading the internal memory of your 200LX will void your HP warranty. You will have to rely on the warranty offered by the vendors.

ACE Technologies offers 4MB RAM+Plus Upgrade or New HP 200LX with RAM+Plus Upgrade

ACE Technologies will upgrade your HP 200LX with 4 additional MB of internal memory (5MB total) or sell you a brand new 200LX with a total of 5MB of internal memory. With either option you'll have 640K of system memory to run programs and over 4.3MB of internal disk space/EMS Memory. The upgrade leaves the Palmtop's card slot free for flashcards, fax/modem cards, network or other PC Cards.

The RAM+Plus 4MB memory upgrade uses the same type of ultra low power, pseudo-static RAM chips that are used in the HP Palmtop. This allows you to continue getting excellent battery life. Both options include a expanded memory driver that lets you use the extra internal memory as simulated EMS memory. You can use the ACE DoubleRAM file compression utility to increase the internal file storage capacity to up to 8MB.(Upgrade not available for HP 95LX and 100LX.)

HP 200LX 5MB Palmtop with RAM+Plus -- $995

(plus shipping, includes pre-installed 4MB RAM+Plus and a 1 year ACE Palmtop Warranty)

RAM+Plus 4MB Memory Upgrade for your HP 200LX -- $495 (plus shipping, includes ACE installation and testing. 1 year warranty on RAM+Plus, 60-day ACE Palmtop Warranty, $25 credit option for 1MB Daughterboard

Installation: ACE Technologies only provides factory installation of the upgrade. Installations will be done on a scheduled basis to allow for a quick turn-around time. Palmtops received by their scheduled date will be shipped back within five business days. Before shipping, please backup all data because the upgrade process reinitializes your C drive. Palmtops will be fully tested before and after receipt at ACE.

The ACE Palmtop Warranty: ACE will repair or replace your Palmtop at no charge should it fail to function within normal operating specifications within the stated period. Failures due to physical damage of any kind are not covered under this warranty.

Contact: ACE Technologies, Inc., 592 Weddell Dr. Suite 6, Sunnyvale, CA 94089; Phone: 800-825-9977 or 408-734-0100; Fax: 408-734-3344.

NSW offers internal RAM upgrades and new Palmtops with upgrade installed for the HP 200LX and 1000CX

Notebook Supply Warehouse (NSW) will upgrade your 200LX or 1000CX from either 1MB or 2MB to 5MB total internal memory (some 1MB units may not be upgradeable). NSW will honor your HP warranty for the full term as warranted by HP (proof of original purchase and valid warranty required). NSW also offers brand new 200LX and 1000CX units with 5MB internal memory. Prices (plus s/h):

Upgrade of existing 200LX or 1000CX -- $299

Brand new HP 200LX with 5MB internal memory -- $849

Brand new HP 1000CX with 5MB internal memory -- $650

(New units backed with a one-year warranty through NSW. ** Note that some older 1MB versions of the 200LX and 1000CX may not be upgradeable, but may be eligible for a trade in discount towards a new system.)

Contact: Notebook Supply Warehouse, 13700 Alton Pkwy., #154-281, Irvine, CA 92718, U.S.A.; Phone orders: 800-566-6832; Questions and international orders: 714-753-8810; Fax: 714-753-8812.

Times2 Tech offers TechRAM 4MB Internal RAM Upgrade and TechSpeed Upgrade

TechRAM Upgrade

The TechRAM 4MB Internal RAM Upgrade increases C drive to 4.3MBs of space, with DOS still having 640K of RAM available. TechRAM replaces the current 1MB memory modules in your 2MB 200LX, and can also be installed in your 1MB 200LX with or without the necessary connector. TechRAM uses the same type of 3.3v low power DRAM chips used in the 200LX currently, to continue giving you good battery life. The extra internal memory frees up your PC Card slot to be used with a modem or other PCMCIA devices, while leaving you plenty of room to store software, faxes, and data on your C: drive.

TechRAM 4MB Upgrade Kit -- $395.00

TechRAM 2MB Upgrade Kit -- $225.00

Installation on 2MB 200LX -- $25.00

Installation on 1MB 200LX -- $50.00

Memory Connector (if necessary) -- $10.00 (Add s/h to prices. If your 1MB 200LX already has the connector for a memory upgrade, you will be credited the $25 extra charge for installation in a 1MB machine. 100LX and 95LX models are not supported.)

TechSpeed Upgrades for 100/200LX Owners

The TechSpeed upgrade doubles the processing speed of your 100/200LX by replacing the system crystal with one provided in the kit. The upgrade makes for faster screen updates, faster keyboard processing in databases, faster database scrolling and searching times, faster RAM/ROM access times, and faster Software Carousel(tm) session swapping. Components for a timing circuit change are also included, as well as the Torx bit and instructions for opening the case. Times2 Tech offers both a kit and installation options. The kit provides all the instructions you need to open your palmtop as well as the Torx bit. If you need installation, it should be scheduled with Times2 Tech ahead of time to allow us to return your Palmtop within 2 business days. Please backup your machine before sending it in as TechSpeed cannot guarantee the safe return of your data.

TechSpeed Upgrade Kit -- $50.00

TechSpeed Installation -- $25.00

(2MB 100LX, or 1MB/2MB 200LX only)

TechSpeed & TechRAM Installation -- $TechRAM install charges apply (Add s/h to all prices.)

Warranty: 30 day money back guarantee, 1 year parts guarantee. Your HP warranty will be void with the installation of these kits.

Contact, U.S. & Non-European countries: Times2 Tech, 105 Maple Street, Maylene, AL 35114, U.S.A.; Phone: 205-620-1408; Fax: 205-620-1408; E-mail: mack@traveller.com or CompuServe ID: [103617,3560]; Web: http://www.bhm.tis.net/~mack.

European countries: TechRAM and TechSpeed upgrades are available in Europe through Rundel Datentechnik. Pricing (Deutsche Marks):

TeckRAM 4 Mbytes kit -- 640,00

Connector for 200LX 1MB -- 25,00

Installation -- 90,00

TechSpeed speed upgrade kit -- 89,00

Installation -- 90,00

Installation of both kits together -- 120,00 (EEC residents please add 15% VAT to all prices. Shipping will be charged at actual cost. Due to customs restrictions, we can't offer installation for non-EEC residents.)

Contact: Rundel Datentechnik, Rappenstr. 20, 73033 Goeppingen, GERMANY; Phone: +49-7161-14707; Fax: +49-172-7326211; E-mail: CompuServe ID: [100023,2477].

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