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Spreadsheet modification commands

Spreadsheet modification commands

Press these keys -- Result

(MENU) Copy -- Copy the contents of a cell or range of cells to another location in the spreadsheet.

(MENU) Move -- Move the contents of a cell or range of cells to another location in the spreadsheet.

(MENU) Range Value -- Converts a range of formulas to its displayed values.

(MENU) Range Transpose -- Changes a range of rows to columns, or columns to rows.

(MENU) Range Erase -- Erases data in a of cells.

(MENU) Range Justify -- Rearranges long labels that extend beyond the width of the column or columns they are in so that they are contained and displayed in concurrent cells in one or more specified columns.

(MENU) Worksheet Insert Column -- Inserts one or more columns into a spreadsheet.

(MENU) Worksheet Insert Row -- Inserts one or more rows into a spreadsheet.

(MENU) Worksheet Delete Column -- Deletes one or more columns from a spreadsheet.

(MENU) Worksheet Delete Row -- Deletes one or more rows from a spreadsheet.

Additionally, the (DEL) key can be used to erase the contents of a single cell, and on the HP Palmtop the (Fn)+ (COPY) and (Fn)+ (PASTE) keys work as well.

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