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Extracting text from a Note field and using it in another application

[Editor's note: Although the specific example given is for NoteTaker, the technique described works in the Notes field in Appointment Book, Phone and DataBase.]

NoteTaker is a handy place to store all sorts of information. Open NoteTaker, press (F2) to add a Note, and give it a brief title, and category. Then tab to the Note field (or press (F3)), type in a short or long note and press (F10) when you're finished.

When you need that information in another application, there are a number of ways to easily extract it:

  1. 1. Cut or copy and paste it to another application.
  2. a. Go to the desired note, select the desired text by holding down the Shift key and using the ArrowKeys to highlight it, and press (Fn)-(.) to cut, or (Fn)-(=) to copy it to the Palmtop's clipboard.
  3. b. Move to another application and press (Fn)-(+) to paste the selected text back in.
  4. 2. Save the note as a text file.
  5. a. Highlight or select the desired NoteTaker record and press (F3) to bring up the note field in full screen mode. The "Save As" option is now available at the bottom of the screen.
  6. b. Press (F2) and you are presented with the "Save As" dialog box shown below.
Give the note a name to save it as an ASCII text file that can be loaded into another program. This method only saves the note you have open. It does not save the information entered in the Title or Category fields of the NoteTaker item.

Press (F2) from a Note field to save the entire Note field as an ASCII text file for use in a word processor or other application.

  1. 3. Use the SmartClip to save multiple NoteTaker notes to a single file.

  1. a. Open NoteTaker and press (F5) to open the Clip feature and press (ALT)-(D) to Define a new SmartClip.
  2. b. Press (F2) Field, select the Title field and press (ENTER).
  3. c. Press (ENTER) again to move the cursor down one space.
  4. d. Press (F2) again, select the Notes field and press (ENTER).
  5. e. Press (F10) and Name your SmartClip.

  1. a. Open NoteTaker and tag the NoteTaker entries you want saved by moving the cursor to the entry and pressing (Spacebar).
  2. b. Press (MENU) File Print to access the Print dialog box.
  3. c. Use the Up or DownArrow to select All Items to print all the items in the NoteTaker file, or Selected Items to print the items you tagged.
  4. d. Press (ALT)-(C) to select Custom. Tab to the scroll box and use the arrow keys to highlight the name of your newly created SmartClip.
  5. e. Press (ALT)-(F) to select the File option in the "Print to" box.
  6. f. Press (ENTER) and you will be prompted to enter a file name. Enter the complete path and name of the file (e.g., C:\_DAT\NOTETEKE.DOC) and press (ENTER).
This procedure saves both the Title and Notes fields for the selected NoteTaker items into one text file. See the help function or the HP 100/200LX User's Guide for more on using SmartClip.

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