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Appointment Book

Appointment Book

Repeat Appointments without Repeating Appointments

Many people set up a repeating appointment to run a System Macro that automatically backs up their data. To do this, they first create a System Macro to back up their data. Then they open Appointment Book, press (F2) and in the Description field key in || (the shifted value of the backslash key twice) followed by the number of the macro. For example, to run Fn-F9 as an appointment, they would enter ||9 in the description field. Then they set the time, date, Location to Q to disable error messages, repeating status, enable Lead time and set it to 0, and press (F10).

This works, but some users have reported that repeating appointments slow down opening the Appointment Book and also slow down searches. In addition, daily repeating appointments show up on every day, cluttering up the display and getting in the way of your real appointments.

One solution is to create a "self-replicating" macro and set it to run as an appointment on one day. Each time it runs it backs up your Palmtop and copies itself to the next day. Add the following System Macro code to your backup macro:

{Appt}{Menu}va{F5}{F4} {Home}{F4}||9{Enter}{Enter} {Alt+D}+{F10}{Menu}q

Here is the breakdown of what the macro code does:

{Appt}{Menu}va -- Opens Appointment Book and sets the view to the appointment screen (i.e., makes sure you are not in the ToDo screen).

{F5}{F4} -- Goes to today's date.

{HOME} -- Goes to the top of days list.

{F4}||9{Enter} -- Finds the macro appointment (the "9" refers to macro F9. Change this if your backup macro is set to another key).

{Enter}{Alt+D}+ -- Open the backup appointment, go to the date field and increment by one day.

{F10}{Menu}q -- Save change and quit the appointment.

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