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Transfer Files Between Memo and Word for Windows and Back

Many users of HP Palmtops have Microsoft Windows on their desktop PC's and want to transfer files back and forth without losing any formatting. DOCRTF.ZIP (ON DISK icon) is a utility in HPHAND library 11 that will convert a formatted Memo document to a format that can be used by Microsoft Word for Windows. It converts from Memo format (bold, underline, etc.) to RTF (rich text) and back. Then just open/save the file in Word for Windows as an .RTF file. You can use DOCRTF.EXE directly from the DOS prompt on either the PC or the Palmtop.

To convert a Memo format file to an RTF format file, type the following at a DOS prompt: docrtf /d filename .doc filename.rtf where FILENAME.DOC is the existing Memo-format file and FILENAME.RTF is the name for the rich text format file.

To convert an RTF format file to a Memo-format file, use the following command line option: docrtf /r filename.rtf filename.doc .

The program is "cardware" (not shareware or freeware). This means that all you have to do to register it is to send the author a picture postcard of your hometown.

Jud Hardcastle CompuServe ID: [71155,1761]

Tom Gibson Tom_Gibson@Thaddeus.Com

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