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Prepare for disasters with your HP Palmtop

If imagining potential disasters makes you squirm, then use your Palmtop to be prepared. In case of fire, flood or worse, keep vital data with you in your Palmtop. And make sure you bring your Palmtop with you as you escape.

Medications, blood types, allergies, and other health information can be kept in the Notes field of your PhoneBook entry. If you have dependents, you should have PhoneBook entries for each family member, with important information in Notes. You can keep police, fire department, and other emergency agencies in your PhoneBook, along with phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. Fax numbers and e-mail addresses are particularly important as wireless communications becomes more widely available.

Say, for example, that you are a Palmtop user with the RadioMail Wireless Messaging service, or an OmniGo 700LX user. If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or if you have a medical emergency while camping, you might be able to e-mail or fax a request for help to the appropriate organization. But this would only be possible if you have the necessary information with you on your Palmtop.

If you travel to a new part of the world, get the emergency numbers in advance, and keep them with you in your Palmtop. If you or a member of your family has a medical condition, keep the generic and specific names of medicines with you in PhoneBook, along with the name and phone number of a physician familiar with your case.

Some things seem very important at the time, but are not really emergencies. Dinner time is considered an emergency situation by some people. Did you know that some restaurants now have fax numbers? You can save time by faxing in your order from a Palmtop and picking it up hot, and ready to go.

Ease into each season with helpful ToDo lists

Each major weather transition signals dozens of changes you need to make. You need to check out the lawn mower in the Spring and change your auto's antifreeze in the Winter. A seasonal ToDo list can help you stay prepared. Below are some sample lists.


Home: Wash and store storm windows. Inspect screens and install. Home: Furnace: turn pilot light off Home: Unplug heat tape on pipes. Home: Plan structural and cosmetic improvement projects such as painting, adding a deck. Order supplies. Clothing and Linens: Clean and store winter clothes and blankets. Bring summer clothes out of storage. Send woolens to the cleaners. Do a thorough spring cleaning. Car: Change the oil. Check service schedule. Bikes: Pump up tires and oil chains. Lawn and Garden: Buy gas and oil. Clean outdoor grill. Order garden plants. Other: Renew fishing license. Donate unused items to charitable resale shop.


Home: Remove screens. Clean and install storm windows. Add heavier drapery if desired. Seal cracks. Home: Turn furnace pilot light on. Have furnace cleaned and checked. Clean vents. Home: Order wood and collect kindling for fireplace or wood burning stove. Home: Plug in power for heat tape on pipes. Car: Change oil. Store safety clothes and blankets in car. Check service schedule. Check antifreeze. Lawn and Garden: Run lawn mower dry and drain any remaining gas or oil. Cover roses. Turn off water to outside faucets or cover faucets. Bring power equipment to basement. Store batteries properly. Order trees for fall planting. Other: Check out snow blower or other equipment. Check service schedule on equipment. Clean floors, carpets, gutters. Check roof and masonry.


There are a number of ways to organize this information on the HP Palmtop.

o You could keep the list as a Memo file or an entry in your NoteTaker file and set a repeating appointment to remind you to check the list on a certain date each year. o You could take the individual items on the list and schedule them as appointments, events, or ToDo's on specific dates. o You could set a repeating appointment for a specific date each year, and keep the ToDo list in that appointment's F3 Note field. You'll have to pick the method that is best for you, or make up one of your own. Below are suggestions for items you can include on your season ToDo list.

It may take several weeks to complete your tasks, so let your Palmtop be a tool for renewal-for keeping up with nature and the needs of the times.

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