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Contact Information for products mentioned in this article

Contact Information for products mentioned in this article

All prices are manufacturer's suggested retail price. It may be possible to purchase the product for less at third-party vendors.

acCIS -- $79

Automate CompuServe message retrieval on your HP Palmtop.


Shier Systems & Software; Phone: 805-371-9391; Fax: 805-371-9454; E-mail: 75777.2477@compuserve.com; Online: http:\\www.shier.com.

CompuServe Information System -- $varies

Online information system. Home of HP Handheld forum for HP Palmtop users.


CompuServe; Phone: 800-848-8199 or 614-457-0802; Fax: 614-529-9463.

EXP ThinFax -- $119


EXPComputer; Phone: 800-EXP-6922 ext. 641 or 714-453-1020; Fax: 714-453-1319.

Internet Service Provider -- $varies,

(Monthly subscription fee. May include connection fee.)


Check local yellow pages for ISP near you.

Megahertz XJACK Modem -- $varies


ACE Technologies, Phone: 800-825-9977 or 408-734-0100; Fax: 408-734-3344.

palmtop.com -- $varies

Provides cc:Mail post office for Palmtop users.


palmtop.com; Phone: 408-450-3467; Fax: 408-321-3603; E-mail: admin@palmtop.com.

RadioMail -- $varies


RadioMail; Phone: 800-597-6245 dept. NT3; E-mail: info@radiomail.net; Online: http://www.radiomail.net.

Silicom PC Card LAN 10Base T Adapter -- $149.95


Silicom, USA; Phone: 206-882-7995; Fax: 206-882-4775. or Silicom Ltd., ISRAEL; Phone: 972-9-7678989; Fax: 972-9-7651977.

Smart Modem Data/Fax Modem & Memory -- $varies


Apex Data, Phone: 800-841-2729; Fax: 510-416-0909.

Shareware/freeware mentioned in this article

If the program is available online, the Internet and CompuServe locations are indicated in the article after the description of the software.

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