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PC In Your Pocket: How the organizing power of the Hewlett-Packard Pal

PC In Your Pocket: How the organizing power of the Hewlett-Packard Palmtop PC will make you more effective ***

Edited by Ed Keefe

Listed below is the table of contents for PC in Your Pocket.


Overview of the HP Palmtop PC

Introduction by Hal Goldstein,

HP Palmtop Paper publisher

Palmtop hardware and built-in applications

1. TIME: Staying organized even with too much to do

Built-in Calendar and ToDo list: Appointment Book

Time Management Approaches

Long-term planning

Steven Covey approach

Project Management

It's 3:00 AM in Paris: World Time

Keep meetings on schedule: Stopwatch and Timer

2. INFORMATION: When you need it

From restaurants to research: Database

No more post-it notes: NoteTaker

3. WORDS: Small keyboard? No problem!

Typing tricks for the tiny keyboard

Word-processing: from MS Word to Memo

4. MONEY: Managing finances & crunching numbers

Many uses of built-in Lotus 1-2-3

Recording financial transactions on the go: Pocket Quicken

Powerful business calculator made easy to use: HP Calc

Calculator functions

Computing loan payments in seconds

Simple stats instantly

Create your own equations: HP Solver

5. PEOPLE: A lifetime of contacts

From phone numbers to birthdays: Phone Book

Contact Management: ACT!

6. COMMUNICATIONS: Go On-line (fax and E-mail too)

Making the Connection: cc:Mail, DataComm

Send messages wirelessly

The Palmtop, the Internet, and CompuServe

7. PC COMPATIBILITY: PC data, games, DOS applications

Sharing data between machines

Running DOS software A reference library in your pocket

Take it easy: Read books and play games

8. ODDS AND ENDS: Storage, batteries, and much more

Organizing the organizer: Filer

Configuring your Palmtop: Setup

Storing megabytes of data

The infrared port: Transfer data, Control your TV

Keeping your data safe

A month on 2 AAs: Battery options

Programming and the Palmtop

Where to get support

9. PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER: Palmtop Profiles

Physician: This Cardiologist, awakened at 2:00 AM, uses his Palmtop to help a colleague in the ER.

Chief Financial Officer: On the road this CFO stays in touch even on a New York City park bench.

Real Estate Executive: This Director of Leasing and Acquisitions uses his Palmtop to stay organized, motivated, and informed.

10. RESOURCE GUIDE: Where to buy your Palmtop and accessories.

Other handhelds from Hewlett-Packard

  1. The HP OmniGo 100 organizer: an easy-to-use HP pen-based organizer
  2. The HP OmniGo 700LX communicator: HP Palmtop and Nokia cellular phone in one.
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Where to buy the Palmtop and accessories

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