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Shareware/freeware mentioned in this article

Shareware/freeware mentioned in this article

BUDDY.ZIP -- Buddy 2.1a is a feature-rich utility for the HP 100/200LX Palmtops (English-language displays only) that adds dozens of keystroke shortcuts and other options to the built-in applications, making it easier to use. Buddy's features include:

  • Highlight data file in FILER and press (ENTER) twice to start the appropriate application and load the file.
  • Double-click a letter or keypad key to obtain its shifted value, instead of having to hold down the Shift key.
  • SmartCaps automatically and appropriately produces uppercase letters as you type text. (Capitalizes umlauts and accented characters and is not confused by abbreviations.)
  • Adds many features to Memo, including change case, swap characters, repeat previous edit, mark current line, return to marked line, save find string, recall find string, and automatic indent.
  • Adds user password logic that lets you specify that password be required whenever the power is turned on, or only if the machine has been off for longer than a specified period of time.
  • Set up separate macro files for each application and automatically changes macro files when application started. Lets you run a specific macro automatically at startup.
  • Provides visual warnings in Filer when battery usage timer or voltage sensor reach specified values.
  • Displays your power source, main battery voltage, battery usage timer, and power-off timer values on the Filer display.
  • WorldTime map overlay displays the day/night terminator plus any great circle route on the WorldTime map (registered copies only).
  • Makes the CTRL and/or the ALT key "sticky," and changes the shift-lock function to work more like a standard typewriter.
  • Adds 10 user-specified labels to your function keys so you can easily remember which key invokes which macro.
Version 2.1a is available on the Best Tips 1996 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK; CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, lib. 11. on Internet at eddie.mit.edu:/ pub/hp95lx/ NEW/100buddy.zip.

Registered versions are available for $40 directly from the author (add $5 for diskette).


Jeffrey Mattox, The Buddy System, LCC, P.O. Box 45282, Madison, WI 53744-5282, USA; CompuServe ID: [71044,2356].

TCSCAN.ZIP -- Freeware file that contains tips for creating Topcard images for the 100/200LX along with a dozen sample scanned images. Available on this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK; CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, lib. 11.

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