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Display month of Events in Appointment Book

Display month of Events in Appointment Book

Events are appointments that are associated with a day only, not a specific time. Let's say you know that on a specific day you want to spend one hour working on a report. Unfortunately, your schedule is such that you cannot specify which hour you'll devote to the report. Set it up as an Event and it will appear at the top of your appointments list on that day. There is no alarm associated with an Event.

Some users enter personal goals or affirmations as Events and set them up to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. They appear at the top of the screen whenever you open Appointment Book, reminding you of a personal or business goal you are working on.

To set up an Event, open Appointment Book and press (MENU) Add Event. The add Appointment/Event screen pops up with the word None appearing in the Start Time and End Time fields. Enter the Event description, Start Date and any other information you desire, and press (F10).

Appointment Book's main screen showing Events appearing at the top of the screen with no specific time assigned.

Users who enter numerous repeating events will sometimes uncheck the Week and Month views in the add Appointment/Event screen so Events only appear on the day they are scheduled. This keeps the Week and Month views of appointment book from getting cluttered with repeating events.

Whether you check or uncheck the Month view box, you can get a monthly view of Events only. Open Appointment Book and press (MENU) View All Events. The Monthly All Events screen will look something like the screen shown above.

All Events monthly view. From Appointment Book press (MENU) View All Events. Screen shows monthly view of Events only.

No appointments will be shown in this screen. Press (F9) to go back to the Daily view, (F8) for the Weekly view, or (F7) for the Monthly view of Appointment Book.

Note also that the Month view only shows the first 10 characters of the Event or appointment description. If you enter your event as Need to work on the Smith account, the Month view displays it as Need to wo. Not very informative! Better to enter it as Smith Acct, work on. Then you see Smith Acct, in the Month view. Still brief, but at least you know what the event is about.

Rich Hall

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